Dewhurst: Anansi Webb's former psychiatrist, Liz Meaney, won't return our phone calls... Nikki: Appreciate you coming to my apartment for this update. Kory: Dewhurst and Aggie are our station's best researchers. Aggie: Thanks!Kory: Be careful. Nikki's sure Mindmistress' an urban myth...I'm not.  Something's behind all these stories... Aggie: Sure. We'll be on the look out for Dr. Doom.  Dewhurst: We'll be cautious, Kory.  Honestly.

Aggie: Superhero movies...comic cons...idiots who dress up like superheroes 'stopping crime'...I suppose this sort of rumor was inevitable...uh oh.  What's wrong? Dewhurt: Look. Up there. See?Dewhurst: There. Closing that window. In the very same apartments Nikki stays in...the apartments we just walked out of--isn't that her? Mindmistress?  Exactly as described?? I'm...flipping out...



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