Nikki (Caption): Bills.  Fanmail.  Mindmistress.  What a ridiculous notion.  Still, I'll be able to milk a few more nights talking about this-- considering the gullible cretins who listen to me--Lorelei: Oh, hi, Nikki. Nikki (Caption): Speaking of cretins... Nikki: Lorelei. Didn't you wash those same clothes last night?  Nikki (Caption): Translation: I hoped I wouldn't see you for a while.  Lorelei: Just..last night?

Lorelei: Feels like..two weeks... Nikki (Caption): I hate talking to the retar-- excuse me, 'mentally challenged'.  I talk to enough idiots on my job. Nikki: Yesterday.  LoreleiNikki: Different...time?  A little...confused, are we?  Lorelei: Y'think I'm too stupid t'know you're makin' fun of me?  Nikki: See? Miracles do happen. report me to the PC police.



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