Mindmistress: Well...it's been...surreal...but I need some sleep. And...Lorelei'll need to go to work.  Can you go...dormant...if I leave? Boxer: If I'm left out..drinking in...broadcasts.Boxer: Your pocket dimension's too..isolated. Mindmistress: You're...crompressing?  Boxer: My present form's a construct, remember? You should have seen what form I assumed for the Q'Arth!  Mindmistress: No thanks. The box changing...?

Mindmistress: Okay. I've got something alien not just to this world--but this universe.  Older than the Big Bang.  I  need to be alert...rested...to even comprehend this. Hello, Lorelei.Lorelei: Too bad he called hisself Boxer. He should've called hisself...Jack.  As in..Jack in'a box?  Oooo,  I made a funny.  *Yawn* What a day.  Too, too weird.



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