Vicki: The boss told me not to appear around...'Boxer'...without you. Afraid he'll leech my data. Should you--? Lorelei: Look, he's supposed t'be gajillions of years old. He'll keep.Lorelei: I've got a job...Mr. Hardy needs me. Vicki: Your locket's timer still working? Still sleeping well? Lorelei: Yep. This way I fall asleep as my Minnie Mouse nightshirt...

Lorelei: Holding Troy's Paddington Bear... Vicki: Then when you've fallen asleep, the locket changes you again...because the Boss' neohuman self only needs two hours' sleep.  The best of both worlds.Aggie: She's the occupant of the apartment. Going to her pet shop job...Lorelei Lyons.  Dewhurst: Cosplay, maybe? Aggie: Not known. Mentally challenged...swims in Special Olympics.  Dewhurst: Let's check out her place.



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