Phil Diaz: Hey, Lorelei! Lorelei: Phil! Loved 'Despicable Me' Saturday. Phil: Me, too. Woooo...long night. Lorelei: I couldn't work at night, and sleep during the day... Phil: It's not bad...there's late night radio...Lorelei: Oh, good...must be lonely, cleanin' those offices at night. Who do you listen to? Phil: Lately? Nikki Timmons. Lorelei: Oh. Phil: Something wrong? Lorelei: Just...not one of my favorite people. Phil: Really?

Phil: Lately she's been talkin' about some supergenius. Mindmiss, or...somethin'.  Nikki's not taken in, though. She can't believe in someone that smart...selfishly keepin' super-gadgets from the rest of us!Phil: Huh?> Did I say something wrong?  Lorelei: No. You know...Nikki lives in my building. Phil: Really? Could I meet her? Lorelei: I don't think she likes..people like you an' me.



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