Aggie: Y'know, for a white woman, you jimmy a lock pretty well... Dewhurst: Oh, please. Your father's a journalism professor.  Your mother's a librarian.  I'm wayyyy more street than you, girlfriend.Aggie: Find anything? Four birds in cages.  Some large jars or vases. Disney and Looney Tune DVDs.   Lots of pet food.  Maybe we should check out that box...? Aggie: Good idea.

Dewhurst: Gyahhh!!  It's opening...shifting...changing chape... Aggie: Glaring...blinding...what's in there, a flame?  Dewhurst: I don't like this; let's get out.  Aggie: Not yet.  We've still got a mystery to solve...Boxer: Hello. You're not supposed to be here, are you?  Dewhurst: Uh! How...? Boxer: Get it out of your system.  'You're a baby!' 'You're too young to talk!' Dewhurst: You're a...dwarf, right? Boxer: Wrong.



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