Boxer: Your cellphones---easily mined. Aggie? Dewhurst? You have no idea what you've stumled onto. You were seeking a have no idea the answers you've stumbled upon.  If you're ready.Aggie: Uh...I think we'll be going... Boxer: No.  No, I don't think so.  Dewhurst: I-I can't move my feet. Why can't I move my-- Boxer: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguisible from...magic.

Boxer: Aggie? Dewhurst?  You really shouldn't be here.  Literally.  In most timeliens you don't live this long. Your counterparts don't survive.  I see warped reflections. I'll show you...Boxer: In most realities...Dewhurst is dead after falling two stories. Pushed by her lover...what made the difference here? Aggie? I don't see your counterpart either...there. Interesting.

Boxer: Ahhh, I most realities, Aggie died in that California you're too drunk to drive home.  Mortician: This your friend?  Dewhurst: Oh, Aggie. Yes.  Yes, I'm afraid so.

Boxer: Without your friend to warn you start living with that cute waiter--who has anger issues.  In many argument. A shove.  See how lucky you are?



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