Voicemail: *Beep* Miss Neese--Kory--we have a lead on Mindmistress. We'll call you later with what we've found. *Beep* Kory: 'We'll be cautious.' Yeah, right.  Not responding to their cellphones, either... Lorelei: Boy, I'm bushed...that Doberman took forever to bathe...that Dalmation was a handful, too...okay---got to stop at the market---get a little produce...catch a later bus...

Lorelei: Huh?? Why's my door--open?? Boxer: In this reality, a drunk driver took your entire family out when you were five...here's your funeral...quite tragic. The drunk was caught...Lorelei: What did y'do!!?? Boxer: ..Resulting in his becoming a minister after serving time for involuntary manslaughter.  Oh, hi, Lorelei. Dewhurst: No...no...no! Boxer: Just showing your 'guests'--what might have been.



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