Mindmistress: Are you insane!!??  You tink traumatizing those poor women by showing them their alternates' fates helps at all. Boxer: You have your gifts...I have mine. Speaking of which... Mindmistress: ...Right.Mindmistress: Ladies...sorry for the inconvenience---the being scared half to death... Dewhurst: She's real. We saw her change. We've got the story of the century here! Aggie: That easily? No way.

Boxer: No way indeed. Mindmistress: Okay--you two will go home--immediately fall asleep-- Boxer: See? Mindmistress: --Waking up with no recollection of anything after you left Nikki's apartment. Dewhurst: Go...home.  Fall asleep...Mindmistress: Okay. They're gone. Now... Boxer: I've been picking up transmissions--speculations about you.  About what you could do--if you would. I know you're also haunted by your alternatives' deaths...

Boxer: I think your morbid obsession with their grisly fate--and your other self's unease at what you withhold from the world--need resolution. Come with me... Mindmistress: What? No!! Boxer: --With one...witness.



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