Nikki (Caption): So..I had a few days off.  So I went blinking into the unaccusomed sunlight....big mistake.  One minute I was in downtown Atlanta heading for the underground...

Mindmistress: Well. It would be you.  Nikki (Caption): Then I fell into the rabbit hole.Nikki: What?? Where--? You're-- y-you're-- Mindmistress: Right. One 'preposterous urban myth', at your service. Nikki: Did you kidnap me...?  Mindmistress: Not me. The Enfant Terrible there. Boxer: Nikki. Now you know that Mindmistress exists.

Niki: Someone spiked my coffee with acid--? This has to be a hallucination. Mindmistress: I wish. Boxer: *Sigh* I...simulate one. ...All the better to investigate a reality with.Boxer: When I see a being, I can see what happened to many of their alternates, in other realities.  Echoes. Reflections. Of what might have been. In one reality...answers await.



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