Nikki: Can't you do something? If you're the wonder-worker everyone says you are... Mindmistress: Whatever we're in--it makes my 'catwalk' look like a horse-and-buggy next to the space shuttle.Nikki: So...we're stuck?? Great.  Just great. Stuck with a 'space baby' from 2001: A Space Oddyssey..riding infinity in a box--like Calvin and Hobbes!  Mindmistress: Ha! Exactly. Relax. Wait.

Relax?  Are you crazy--whoa.  We hit a bump? We're approaching our destination.  Even with your 'catwalk', Mindmistress, you could spend a lifetime looking for this reality--one where 'you' died--Boxer: But 
'you' left the world your discoveries... Mindmistress: Doing a Rodney King--with psyche-staffs??  Nikki: They're...not resisting. Creepy.  Soldier1: Say it! Victims: I am a worthless pig! Soldier2: Louder! Victims: I am a worthless pig!



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