Nikki (Caption): What weirdos would be that dimwit Lorelei's friends? Caption: Two hours earlier... Epoch: You're giving us this sphere... Tros: To summon interdimensional aid, friend Mindmistress?  Vertigo: Rochelle's tutor notwithstanding---as Force Magellan's leader...

Vertigo: ...Explain yourself, please. Mindmistress: Gladly, Vertigo.  A being maintaining the separation of realities 'outsourced' myself and superhumans from dozens of continuums--confronting a menace whose goal was to merge realities. Tros: Fwaz!!Ranger Bill: My alternative Earth, too? Hoodoo: I've heard of these---'Crossoverseers'. Mindmistress: This--Smiling Man--would have merged your reality with mine--with others'--even the Q'Arth demons you fear! Hierophant: Continue, Mindmistress.

Mindmistress (Caption): Unfortunately... Lightbringer: I could blind him with a flash of light! Ultra: No, that won't work, either.  Dasien: We're running out of time.  We need a plan.  Mindmistress: I'm working on three, but--The Green Avenger: Debbie, you've had this all the time? Can't you see what this is? Can't any of you?  Debbie: What are you--? Mindmistress: We almost blew it. We nearly lost--everything, everywhere.

Hoodoo: That may explain--recent signs that the barriers between realities were crumbling-- Ranger Bill: Wishher resistance to me wold crumble-- Hoodoo: Ranger Bill, stop hitting on Mindmistress. RangerBill: Bite me, Hoodoo!



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