Host: Then...they discovered the mind-control properties of the Psyche-Staff.  Kim: Under this light--North Korea will be more untied than ever--united in purpose--focused--like a laser.  Enemies?  Beware.Taliban fighter: I trust now you see the error of your friends, NATO friends--welcome to the Taliban.  Join me in teaching some would-be schoolgirls their place.  NATO Worker1: Me first. NATO worker2: Of course.

Robber: I'd like to make a withdrawal, please.  Teller: Yes, sir. What amount? Robber: Please fill this bag with tens and twenties from that open vault.  Teller: Yes, sir. Robber: Forget about this afterwards.Host: Certain polarized glass protected against the Psyche-Staff. Special sunglasses became a necessity. Woman: She took off her shades, and he compelled her to-- Man: Sick. Woman2: My ex compelled my sister--



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