Host: Soldiers returning from Afghanistan--Gaza--Tibet--a few were kidnapped for a few hours--enthralled--then released. Like real-life 'Manchrian candidates'--months later, they'd become suicide bombers--involuntarily compelled.Nikki: You must feel so proud-- Mindmistress: Sick to my stomach, actually. Nikki: Why would 'you' release these developements to everyone? Every nutjob and fanatic on Earth? Mindmistress: Who should 'I' trust, Nikki--

Mindmistress: The U.S. government? One word: Gitmo. A private corporation? One word: Enron. Some religious group? Who would you trust--with the ability to compel anyone to do absolutely--anything?

Uh...yeah. And I thought I was the cyynic...'Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  I guess the only way to replease knowledge--is to level the playing field. Open source.Host: Then, a Hutu researcher used the released genetic knowledge--to tailor a plague in Rwanda--that only affected the Tutsi minority.  The Tutsi population was totally exterminated-- Boxer: Genetically-tailored genocide.

Boxer: On your world, three fourths of the Tutsi population died horribly--here, they weere totally exterminated. And every racist in the world--was given a weapon to wipe out--those they despised.



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