Nikki: Enough. Next you'll be talking about flesh-eating mutants roaming the radioactive wastelands.  I've played this video game before. Maybe her double's died...where am 'I'? What happened to Nikki--Nikki: --Timmons--? Nikki2: Who are you--? Some sort of celebrity lookalike?  I don't know whether to be flattered--or creeped out. Nikki: Sounds crazy--but I'm you--only--from a parallel world. Nikki2: Nutjob.

Nikki: But I--we were just--now we're--did you two--? Mindmistress: Not guilty. I'd ask the boxed set.  Boxer: You asked. I oblidged you. Watching cable news specials? Bor-ing. Let's get--personal.Nikki: *Sigh* Look--I have to sit down. I'm also craving some nicotine--could I bum a cigarette? Nikki2: Wow. You do have me down pat, don't you? Sure. Have one.



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