Perry Timmons2: Nikki. Who's--uh!! Well. Nikki2: I know. It's like I'm in a soap opera, finding my--evil twin. Andrew Minton2: --And a woman from Special Services? Lyons2: No. That's Mindmistress? Dead? Evidently--exagerrated.Minton: The Mindmistress? Vicki the A.I.'s Mindmistress? The one whose developements caused Rennaissance Squared?  She's not dead? If true, we need to report to President Cheney or Vice-President Rice Immediately.

Nikki: Did he say--? Mindmistress: President Dick Cheney.  Vice-President Condoleezza Rice.  Nikki: Can I go home now?  Please?  Uh...what happened to George W.?  Nikki2: Hello? Genetiocally-tailored plague only martyring the entire Bush family?Minton: You...didn't know, did you? Where...have you been?  After Bush's tragic death, Cheney assumed the Presidency--overwhelmingly re-elected in '08.  Protecting innocents in these trying times--like him.



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