Mindmistress: Troy? Troy Alexander?  Lyons: You know him?  Maybe you read a minor news item about him.  You can't forget--can you?  On the far end of the autistic spectrum.  Totally nonverbal.Mindmistress: Tr-Troy?  Lyons: Yes.  My daughter Lorelei died years ago.  Troy's parents--and my wife Vanessa--died in last year's economic riots.  Lorelei loved Troy.  I took him in. Protected him.

Mindmistress: Troy! Lyons: I lost tens of millions in the Economic crash...the crash your dumping all these developement all at once--caused. But I can support--him. I'm hardly penniless.Mindmistress: Oh, Troy... Lyons: Do you care? How many people lost what they spent a lifetime building? The abundance your molecular assemblers caused--made a mockery of decades of hard work.  Cry.



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