Frost: What's going on in here...? Lyons: If you'd done it my way---released  these discoveries slowly--society would've had time to adjust... Mindmistress: Making you billions? Lyons. Shut. Up. Troy? Listen....Frost: I'm Dr. Samson Frost, Presidential science advisor.   Let me get thsi're not the super-genius whose accomplishments transformed society.  You're her alternate...from another reality!  Parallel worlds? Seriously?

Mindmistress: Dr. Frost--Iknow how insane thissounds--but lookat her. Take fingerprints--voiceprints--DNA samples--you'll find she's identical to 'your' Nikki.  I'm their...guinea pig? Gee, thanks....Nikki2: The tests were positive? Everything? Nikki: X-rays show the same crack in the collarbone when I--we--fell out of a treehouse when eight years old. Frost: So you're doubles...doppelgangers?



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