Ranger Bill: Sorry, Hoodoo. I sholdn't have snapped at you-- Vertigo: Make it up to Hoodoo later, Ranger Bill.  Mindmistress, please continue. Mindmistress: The Crossoverseer--we called him 'Ringo'--is--unfortunately--almost senile.

Mindmistress (Caption): He left a cache of reality-threatening devices where humans could find them-- Green Avenger: Hey, Smiley! Smiley: That's it! Rachel's diary! You fools did have it!  Green Avenger: You want it? Mindmistress (Caption): Two humans did.Mindmistress (Caption): Some of these weapons were mind-staggeringly powerful. A madman nearly blended all realities together--no matter how nightmarish. We can't risk that--again. The Green Avenger: Here you go. The Good Guys: What are you doing??

Hoodoo: I'm studying--without success--a strange box left by the Q'Arth demon invasion.  I believe they stole it--from a Crossoverser they devoured. Mindmistress: eewwww. Hoodoo: Perhaps you'd rather examine--? Mindmistress: Love to.

Vertigo: Mindmistress, we'll take the silver sphere--but we'll choose whether to answer its summons--or not. Mindmistress: Understood. This doesn't bind you in any way.  Hoodoo: An interdimensional 'neighborhood watch'.  Intriguing...Vertigo: Just off our meeting room should keep the sphere safe-- Epoch: ...and impossible to ignore! Rochelle: I'll attempt analyzing it, Mindmistress. Mindmistress: Thanks, Vertigo...Rochelle...Epoch. I'm taking my sphere home---finally.

Ranger Bill: Mindmistress' gone?  Epoch: You shold be grateful, the way you acted whle she was here.... RangerBill: Yeah, I was a real jerk. Vertigo: It was unlike you... Ranger Bill: Should've said, 'Awwww, you're no fun...



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