Lyons: So...maybe you can set right--what your double wrecked!  Mindmistress: How?  The genie's out of the bottle now.  Minton: Less than twenty percent of 'your' discoveries have been produced--yet.Lyons: Synchronistars--cellborgs--pocket dimensions.  If you could even help us tame your 'catwalk'--we need you.  MindmistressL I'd start advising...eventually, though, you'd rely too much on my...'advice'.  Vicki!!

Nikki2: Wow. One word and--Presto!  Nikki: And some people brag about their iphones... Vicki: Wow. Good fake-out.  But I saw the boss' body.  Excellent imitation, but-- Mindmistress: Vicki. Look on the courch.Vicki: Troy--Alexander?? Mindmistress: And only you and I know why Troy's important to Mindmistress---right? Vicki: But how--?  You never finished that 'resurrection machine' you were working on-- Mindmistress: No Osiristor here? Good.



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