Vicki:'re not my boss. You're her mirror image..from another reality.  Mindmstress: Nevertheless, you have to help me. Vicki: No.  I don't. Mindmistress: Vicki, you can't dream how important this is...Vicki: I have responsibilities now. These are my peers. Patterned after me...even to my 'angelic' semblence.  The Cyberphim. Mindmistress: One phrase--shuts you all down.  I won't, though. Help me...please?

Vicki:  You're so much like my boss... Mindmistress: In the released files, was one named...'Koschei's eraser'? Vicki: Yes. Mindmistress: Was my double insane? Vicki: Lorelei commanded me...'Release everything if I die'.  Mindmistress: *Sigh* Figures...Mindmistress: Heard of dark matter? Invisible. Undetectable. Yet its gravity shapes most of the universe? Heard of cosmic inflation? A 'phase shift' that effected all of space-time--expanding much faster than light.

Mindmistress: Now imagine that I figured out a way to cause another 'phase shift' in space-time---like a lake's surface changing from water to ice...changing all remaining normal matter into...dark matter.

Mindmistress: Nothing with the universe can travel faster than light--but space-time itself suffers no such limiation. Within minutes, the entire universe is only dark matter--interacting only by gravitational attraction.Vicki: Stars...palents...lfie...everywhere...gone? Mindmistress: It was theoretical! I would have never developed it...Lorelei gave you that order... Vicki: The day she died. Mindmistress: Otherwise 'I' would have cancelled that order!



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