Frost: So Vicki and her cyberphim are going to try this...continuity crasher. telling how many databases duplicated it.  Nikki: Frost? 'You're taking potential Doomsday really...calmly.Frost: By no means.  This is a clear and present danger to our nation. You have specialized knowledge that may aid us. Under these circumstances... Nikki: What? Next stop--Gitmo?  Mindmistress: I'd.. reconsider.

Frost: See those two trucks in the driveway?  They're actually some of 'your' shapechanging robots.  We captured Bin Ladin with similar robot-drones-- Mindmistress: Charming.  'My' own creations capturing me.  Think again.Robot: Halt! I'm you into custody in the name of the U.S. government! Under the martial law declared by President Cheney, you must-- Mindmistress: Martial law? Figures. What a world.



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