Nikki (Capt.): I watched Mindmistress dodging these giant robots--and wondered if I should be helping them. She admitted she could end everything. Wouldn't it be better if she stayed here?Nikki (Caption): What if she went nuts--or in a deep funk? There are times when I think life's a bitter joke with a rotten punchline. Where I'd feel like--erasing existence. Why trust her?

Nikki (Capt.): I wouldn't trust myself with that option.  Nobody should have that choice.  Sooner or later we all snap.  Everybody has a...bad day. Who elected her...angel of the Apocalypse?Dr. Samson Frost: I was on the 'catwalk' project. It swallowed half of Pheonix. I was the one who stopped it before it got even--larger.  Nikki: The government will protect us, Frost? Yeah.  Riiiight.



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