Mindmistress: Testing--your movements tell me that they used my original, unmodified design.  Jontunheim!  For the next five minutes--you're immobilized!  Pre-programmed trigger words built into your design...naturally.Nikki2: Oh! I--I thought I imagined that boxed baby when you first appeared. Nikki: Boxer. Where've you been?  Boxer: I figured you two had enough to explain.  So I hid. Pocket dimension.

Minton: Yes, Mister President. She may know all the secrets of the original.  We've the information--the blueprints--but not the knowledge.  What?? All the robot-drones? Immobilized? Everywhere?? Lyons: Where's Frost?Dr. Samson Frost: Sir? Could you open a channel to Professor-- Sir: Done, Samson. Cyril's listening. Professor Cyril: Ahhh, Samson. Truly your reality has developed some remarkable technology.  Very useful. Dr. Frost: Well, there's a...complication.

So she may figure out how I sabotaged the catwalk project--otherwise the government might be launching expeditions to parallel worlds--obviously, we couldn't have that.Professor Cyril: If this woman can casually bridge dimensions--if her technology is so advanced--she's both a danger--and an opportunity. And she mentioned a device--an Osiristor? A...'resurrection machine'? Sir?

Sir: Agreed, Cyril. You're our greatest scientist--I'll contact our greatest thief--one way or the other--we'll acquire her technology.  Well done, Samon. Ending the transmission--now.



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