Lyons: Now you've done it! We've made ten thousand of those robotic sentires. By freezing them all in their tracks--you've committed treason! Having one of those robots remove Minton--Lyons: --An NSA chief--just compounds it!  Mindmistress: Lyons.  Enough. Minton's unharmed.  I just wanted to talk to you--alone.  Lyons: Why?  To get revenge? Mindmistress: 'We've' almost had a love-hate relationship, haven't we?

Lyons: Love? Don't flatter yourself--besides, you're young enough to be my daughter. Mindmistress: No argument there.  Lyons: Unmasking--?  Mindmistress:  Sorry to hear about your daughter's passing. Lyons: You never knew my daughter.  Mindmistress: No.Mindmistress: No. I never did. I can honestly say--I've never been more disappoitned in my life.  Lorelei: Why? What was Lorelei to you?  Mindmistress: Lyons.  Prepare for a shock.  You deserve to know.



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