Lyons: Why? You saved me from my kidnappers--why are you so interested in me--in Troy? What are we to you? Mindmistress: Whereas your interest in me was strictly for profit.Lyons: Exactly. At first I thought you the product of some braintrust--but after Anansi--Bloodlust--the discoveries Vicki revealed--you're--'superior', aren't you? Inhuman.  Mindmistress: Inhuman? So...if I'm not human...

Mindmistress: --Hiring Bloodlust to get rid of me isn't muder--it's--extermination.  Let me show you--who I am.  What I am.  Lyons: That's...Lorelei's locket? That her mother left her?How did you--eeyahh!!

Lorelei: Hi, Daddy--or almost Daddy--or mirror Daddy.  Lyons: Lor--Lor--Lorelei?? That's impossible! This is some cruel illsuion--Lorelei wasn't--she couldn't have been-- Lorelei: Sorry. She was.



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