Lyons: How--? Lorelei: Mom's locket. Remember what she did to those chimps?  They got smarter. Lyons: Then they died.  Lorelei, how could you-- Lorelei: Had to.  A kid would've died.  I saved him.Lorelei: Mom thought this up.  She gave me th'choice.  At first, I thought it'd be crazy t'do it.  But smarter-me figgered out how t'turn back.  Bein'...both.

Lorelei: So long as I switch back every so often t'me...we're--I'm--fine. Speakin' of switchin'... Lyons: Prudence's experiments. I'm an idiot. But you're so different as Mindmistress--it didn't really register.Mindmistress: Now for Troy.  Lyons: What?  What about Troy?  Mindmistress: My Troy died--shot by Bloodlust.  Now I've a second chance to do something I always wanted to do with my Troy.

Troy's at the far end of the autistic spectrum.  Despite the best therapy, he can't Could Mom's discovery help him? I need to try.



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