Lyons:Waste of time.  Troy's already very intelligent.  He goes through models...puzzles...huge replicas of the Taj Mahal...or of London Bridge... Mindmistress: ...Made out of Legos.  So I see.Lyons: I won't let you-- Mindmistress: Could you have stopped your Lorelei?  Changed her mind?  Lyons: You won't hurt him...? Mindmistress: Your Lorelei would have never hurt Troy, would she?  Lyons: No. Never ever.

Mindmistress: This locket has a timer. He'll change back long before any brain tumor would form. Lyons: He better.  Mindmistress: Troy--you trust me, don't you?  This won't hurt.  Here we go...Troy: Unnnhh??  Mindmistress: It's okay, Troy.  It's okay.  It's like -- waking up. Your spatial intelligence is already very high... Lyons: Hence the legos.  The puzzles. Mindmistress: Can we jumpstart our linguistics aptitudes?  Lyons: Troy?



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