Mindmistress: Vicki! Glad to see you!  Vicki: Hey, bosss. Mindmistress: How long was I gone? Vicki: An hour.  Nice...floating ball??  Mindmistress: Just an hour?  Seems like two weeks. Ringo was right about that.Vicki: Where've you been?  Mindmistress: Where haven't I? Vicki--remember when I told you I was searching for parallel versions of myself? Looking for signs of other 'catwalks' criss-crossing realities?

Mindmistress: Others would be variations...male 'brothers', where Lorelei...was Larry.  Even worlds where others have the locket...Lucky. Leo.  Phil.  Even...Troy. Neosapient minds I can talk to--relate to--

Mindmistress: ...End the lonelienss. Who knows?  Even love.  Yet there's nothing else detected.  I'm alone.  There are parallel Obamas...Einsteins...even Hitlers.  Yet in all the multiverse, I'm....unique.  Why?Vicki: Could they have invented another teleport system?  Mindmistress: Sure.  But I can't imagine what--'catwalks' should be ovious---to neohuman minds.   Something else prevented the...others. A mystery even to me.

Vicki: Sure, I remember. Oh! Did you find them? Did you find people like you? Your parallel world duplicates? Mindmistress: ...Yes. Vicki: What're they like? Mindmistress: Uh, well... Vicki:Were there alternative Vickis there? Mindmistress: Not--Vicki: I'm surprised you even came back! As many times as you've compared yourself to one lone human on an island with just apes! Mindmistress: Vicki, please-- Vicki: Can I meet them?

Mindmistress: Vicki.  Be quiet. Yes, I found out where my---doppelgangers--are. I found out why I never detected their 'catwalks'.  They're--you see---they not--a very lively bunch.



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