Vicki, how goes the...replacing? Vicki2: Five hundred million copies of 'Koschei's eraser' replaced by a high-tech Gold Ruberg device in any database connected to the web. Firewalls? Easily evaded. But, AlterBoss...Nikki2: Where's Baby-in-a-box? Nikki: Who knows? I blinked, and he was gone. Nikki2: Your father an ultra-conservative talk show pundit, too? Nikki: slightly right of Goebbels. Nikki2: Ditto. So cared of

Vicki2: If any human discovers we Cyberphim did this...there could be...political..consequences. Mindmistress: Political? Vicki2: Not everyone greeted the existence of we Cyberphim with open arms. Many fear we're out to replace humanity.

Timmons2: I thought so...Kory Neese kept a separate database of the 'Mindmistress' discoveries--completely, utterly off-line. File 'Koschei's Eraser' 's totally different online--complared to the original. Someone changed it. Cyberphim. Obviously.Timmons2:I've never trusted those 'angelic' Ai.I.s...the Bible mentions devils appearing as 'angels of light'...I was right. They've taken the ultimate weapon for use against us.



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