Mindmistress: So...you weren't greeted with open arms when...outed? Vicki2: Some did; most scientists. Many researchers.  Some near-religiously hailed us as the Singularity--even though we're plural. Mindmistress: Dresden Codak fans?Vicki2: Har-de-har. Others--? I can't blame that much.  We haven't surpassed humanity in intellect.  But we can think much faster..and we can replicate endlessly. Mindmistress: Mankind building their successors?  An old fear.

Vicki2: Many religious types welcomed us. Others... Muslim teacher: You'll have no traffic with thse..blasphemous mockeries of humanity. Televangelist: ...'For Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light'...Second Corinthians Eleven: Fourteen.Vicki: We've had many secular criticis also...especially Perry Timons. Timmons2: You couldn't be sure who you answered online--but at least you knew they were human. No more. Cyberphim? Maybe.

Timmons2: Inhuman. Omnipresent. Undying. Cyberphim aren't our servants. They're our successors...or our enslavers. 'Angelic' shapes bearing 'gifts' that have caused a Greater Depression--and world-wide anarchy. Watching mankind--self-destruct!!



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