Mindmistress: I was summoned by a being who keeps the realities...separate. Last of his kind. I wasn't the only one.  Remember Lightbringer?  The Crossover Wars?  He was summoned, too.Mindmistress: We were to stop a...Smiling Man. --From merging all relities.  Yet he captured my team---using hsi own Psyche-staff.  Vicki: What??  Where did he--?  Mindmistress: From me--in a sense.

I'm not retyping all this. Sorry.

Vicki: He murdered them?  All of them?  While they were--like Lorelei?  Boss--I'm so sorry--why...why'd he spare you?  Mindmistress: He needed one left to access his enemy's home. Mindmistress: I'm alone now. Vicki: Boss? Mindmistress: No hope of meeting someone who really...understands me  These spheres, though, let extraordinary beings warn each other--across realities.  Maybe prventing similar tragedies.  Other threats.



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