Mindmistress: I should say goodbye to Troy--what??? Boxer: Too late. Time to go! Nikki: Go home? Ayahhh!! Boxer: Eventually. Pardon the Distortion Zones...we must detour through them...to reach the Firstverse!Nikki: Th-this is just some kind of illusion, right? Boxer: More a distortion of reality--as our physical dimensions are angled differently--temporarily. Mindmistress: A dimensional kaleidoscope--driving off unwanted visitors?

Boxer: Not jus a deterrent. We're being analyzed-- Nikki: Sliced. Diced. Boxer: So the Firstverse can form a small area--suitable for human biology. A welcoming center, if you will.  Almost there...Boxer:Ah. Welcome to the Firstverse. Nikki: Where...are the stars? Boxer: Burnt out eons ago. All normal matter? Decayed. Even black holes are evaporating. Normal matter was recreated...for you. Mindmistress: Impressive. Nikki: Creepy.



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