Nikki: Welcoming back investigative reporter Kori Neese.  Tell me, Kori--any examples you can show us of this...Mindmistress' activities?  Kori: Sure. The listers'll hear them--the website can show clips.Kori (Caption): Example: embezzler Gordon Golden's confession. Golden: Any ofyou see a gray-eyed brunette in armor--in the front row?  No? Exactly.  I'm going mad, so it's jail--or the nuthouse.

Example: court-appointed psychiatrist at murder trial. Psychiatrist: Well, i can't break psychiatrist-patient confidentiality--but as I said in court, a fantasy-female 'guided' Dean Delouise to new cosmic revelations. Kori: Appearance? Psychiatrist: Armored brunette gray-eyed supergenius. Why?Nikki: Um. Criminals? Delusional? Kori: Sharing the exact same delusion?  It's Catch-22. They're 'delusional'...because they're seeing someone people won't believe in--so 'obviously' they're 'delusional'.  Extraordinary claims...require extraordinary proof.



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