Mindmistress: How...old is this place?  We once etermined that your box is six hundred trillion trillion times older than our universe. If you're from here...  Nikki: Boxer!  Boxer: Don't panic. This must happen.Boxer: This platform's assimilating me...transmitting the data I've gathered from many realities...to the Firstverse! Goodbye, you two. It's been an honor. Nikki: Without him..can we get home?  Mindmistress: Hopefully.

My catwalk'd get us home...probably...if those Distortion Zones don't offset it. But...if this is truly the first reality...so many questions... Nikki:The...the...the..sky!! Look!!Nikki: It's...smiling at us? Firstverse: Welcome.  You're my first guests in eons. I am the Firstverse. Mindmistress: Well. That's different.



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