Mindmistress: So...I assume the 'uploaded' Boxer imparted an English vocabulary--even the human face to mimic?  Nikki: What? Mindmistress: Relax, Nikki. It's nothing supernatural. Nikki: This...entire..universe? Mindmistress: One small nervecluster, rather.Firstverse: Correct.  I've been expanding so long...it'd take a setillion years for a thought to cross it. This area was designed long ago to welcome...
visitors. Nikki: A universal..mind?

Firstverse: Not originally. Life arose on individual worlds. Spread throughout their biospheres. Attained intelligence, and evnetually...left their individual worlds. Nikki: Some kind of image? We're seeing its...memories. Visually. Holograms.Firstverse:Other worlds, initially hostile to life, soon became havens for explorers.  'Terraforming' created places worth colonizing. Life spread. Intelligence spread. Nikki: Yeah, yeah. Boldly going where no...whatever..has gone before. How'd this create...you?



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