Nikki: How are we hearing you, anyway? Mindmistress: Remember, it designed where we are right now. 
Nikki: True.  So a sound system. Mindmistress: Maybe it even vibrates the air directly.  Nikki: 'It'? I'd say...'she', myself.Firstverse: Sentiency spread by many agents--living biological beings--artificial intelligences--even virtual beings, created by 'downloading' human minds.  Nikki:She makes it sound so...inevitable. Mindmistress: Intelligence is curious. Intelligence explores.

Firstverse: Solar systems--star clusters--even whole galaxies--became engulfed by expanding spheres of influence. Nikki: Then Senator Palpatine created the empire--did these spheres ever fight? Star Wars--for real?Firstverse: Sometimes. There was competition--and cooperation. In the end, the spheres met--merged--and expanded more. Stars were tamed as power sources. Intelligence spread everywhere--tamed everything.></a></td></tr></TABLE></center><br><br>
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