Firstverse: Stars encased in shells, capturing every erg. Every mind--every thought--connects to a greater whole. Like neurons in your minds---their individual minds comprise--me.  Nikki: Networking a universe?Minmidstress: So you're this universe's collective consciousness. A Tiplerian Omega Point, not De Chardin's. Stapledon's Cosmological Mind. Then what? Exploring other universes? Firstverse: No. There were no others. Not then--anyway.

Firstverse: So...I set out to create one. I evacuated an entire galaxy cluster--'aimed' it at a massive galactic black hole--harvesting the immense energy generated--I 'boiled' Space-Time itself.Firstverse: --Creating a new Spacetime Foam. Mindmistress: were trying to create a whole new universe? There were--there are--no natural forces creating new universes? Firstverse: No. I was...alone.

Firstverse: A new space-time was created--a new Big Bang--separate from myself--expanding away in its own space-time. I had succeeded--in creating an infant universe.  Nikki: Ahhh!! Too bright--Mindmsitress: You didn't stop there. You created many realities. But..why? To fill...expand..into them? Firstverse: No. To create something new--eventually someone who wasn't-- me. Mindmistress: Like mothers--having children.



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