Firstverse: After the seething cauldron of particles cooled down after this second Big Bang--I sent the first of my exploratory 'boxes'--gathering data on that second universe. Without interfering.Firstverse: Here?  All remaining stars had long ago turned red with age.  Normal matter's protons decayed.  Black holes become power sources.  Positron-electron 'atoms'-- larger than star systems--became the norm.

Funny...all the 'Omega Point' theories assumed any 'universal consciousness' would spread throughout all realities. You deliberately left that new reality alone.  Why?  Nikki: Child abandonment issues for infant universes?Firstverse: To see what it'd become.  Would your mothes have rather taken over--you--instead of letting you develop into your own selves.  Mindmistress: No. But mine guided-- Nikki: Mine--abandoned me.



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