Firstverse: I learned how to vary the laws of nature in later realities.  'Laws' some might reguard as magical--but always designed to alllow life and intelligence to eventually form.Mindmistress: Aha! One mystery explained... Nikki: What? Mindmistress: Anthropic principle. Scientists found the constants of nature are just right for intelligence to evolve.  Most values would result in no sentients evolving--anywhere.

Firstverse: Universe-creating could be fractured--like light through a prism. Creating parallel worlds--variations on a theme.  Harnessing my own dark energy--universe-creating 'bells' and 'nursuries' formed--generating myriad realities.Firstverse: --To protect the later, more primitive realities from the older, more advanced ones--I created the Crossoverseers--to keep the realities separate. Minimizing interdimensional aggression. Your friend 'Ringo', for instance.



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