Therthes: --Now I say enough.  Mindmistress: As you said. Spoilsport. Good grief, it's two in the afternoon already...Mindmistress: So how many symphonies have I inspired now...? Therthes: Just one...but also four new alphabets, a new astronomical procedure, and a new musical instrument... Mindmistress: Here I thought necessity was the mother of invention...speaking of mothers... Therthes: Give her my regards.

Mindmistress: Mom? Mother: Yes, Sophia.  A little late to still be abed, isn't it?  Mindmistress: Hey, maybe you 'discorporated' to become director of the world's information---as Daddy, a few years later, became an energy-being...but some of us still enjoy our bodies... Considering both my parents gave up their bodies, it's a wonder I'm not majorly screwed up.... Mother: You're tough. And you know someone has to manage the huge data stores... Mindmistress: Yeah...Daddy married Isera for a while, and then followed your example. I don't think he ever got over losing you, Mom.  Now, about the Council agenda tonight...

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