Spokeswoman for the Triad: Zeammon---Lord Forceful--we crave an audience with the Council...  Mindmistress: The Triad Temporal? Who guard the timelines against meddlers who might attack us through time? I didn't think they were scheduled for this meeting...Zeammon: No. But they come and go as they please. Ladies, please honor us with your presence.  Spokewoman for the Triad: Thank you, Lord. Mindmistress: Is there some threat to us coming at us through time---some time travellers meddling?

Spokeswoman for the Triad: No. We come because our guardianship of the time lines is over. Zeammon: Over? Spokeswoman: We can see no further. There is an event in the near future that disrupts our time-sight.Spokeswoman: This is the last sight we can see--of a being large enough to grasp a sun--without harm. Mindmistress: But---that's impossible. Spokeswoman: Yes. We know.

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